what is going through his head at times like this

cotolerance lubricates


honestly i hate when people try to sugar coat shit like if you don’t like me or don’t wanna hang or don’t wanna talk to me just fucking tell me don’t keep ignoring me and expect me to figure out the hint like that’s such a bitch ass move i’d rather hear it from you than be ignored 99% of the fucking time.

disowns humorking
derekshales mohawklliam
slowdancingwithzarry baeff


how do i get over someone who i never dated

rainsfell bastille
sweaters-coffee-books-tea harrysflaccidnude


420 is so close I can almost taste all the bad jokes I’ll have to weed through

pearents hate
Anonymous: youre fake and a hoe


i know

itsweasley sextnoise